Bouldering Competition

Individual (Youth) & team (Adult) Event 

A brand new bouldering competition that's focused on developing youths.

BFF Vengafest strives to provide our youths a chance to compete with fellow climbing enthusiast and showcase their abilities. 

We know the climbing community really miss having competitions. So we added the Team event to allow the grownups to join in too.



Age Groups:

Under 6 - Born in 2016 & 2017

Under 8 - Born in 2014 & 2015

  • Scoring based solely on what the climber achieve rather than ranked against others
  • Climbers will attempt 6 boulder routes within the allocated time
  • Medals will be awarded based on the number of climbs completed

Bronze: 1 - 2 Tops

Silver   : 3 - 4 Tops

Gold     : 5 - 6 Tops


Age Groups:

Under 10 - Born in 2012 & 2013 (mixed gender)

Under 12 - Born in 2010 & 2011 (mixed gender)

Under 14 - Born in 2008 & 2009 (Boys/Girls)

Under 16 - Born in 2006 & 2007 (Boys/Girls)

Under 18 - Born in 2004 & 2005 (Boys/Girls)

  • Scoring will be based on IFSC format (Top/Zone)
  • Climbers will attempt 6 boulder routes in session format
  • Under 10 and Under 12 will be mixed gender
  • Under 14, Under 16, and Under 18 will be separated by gender
  • All participants will receive a participation medal
  • Top 3 individuals of each category will receive medal and prizes



  • Youngster - Born after 1992
  • Young At Heart - Born in or before 1992
  • Scoring will be based on IFSC format (Top/Zone)
  • Each team will attempt 6 boulder routes in a Team Rotation format 
  • All members in the team must fulfil the category age criteria
  • 4 members in a team
  • Ladies' score will be multiplied 1.5x
  •  All participants will receive a participation medal
  • Easiest route starts from Grade 7
  • Top 3 teams will receive medals and prizes


Individual (5-18yo)

Team Registration

Competition Venue

BFF Climb Bendemeer
2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub

#01-20 Singapore 339407

Tentative Schedule*

Individual (Youth) - Morning till Late Afternoon

Team (Adults) - Late Afternoon till Night

* Detailed schedule will be published closer to event date.

Rules & Regulations


Coming Soon..



When does registration for BFF Vengafest 2022 end?

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Can I get a fee refund if I choose to withdraw from the competition?

Can I make any changes to my particulars after submitting my registration?

Will a competition shirt be provided?

Is it compulsory to wear the competition shirt during the competition?

Is there an age restriction for joining the Team category?

Can intermediate/open climbers join the team event?

Do i need to have a member of the opposite gender in my team?

Would it be possible to rent climbing shoes during the event?

After the event, Where can i see the results?

Where can I find the competition schedule and detailing?