Adult Class

Bouldering Class 

for adults

Keen to try out bouldering?

Perhaps you've tried and wants to learn to climb better. 

Pick up climbing techniques and skills through our adult programs that are progressive and designed for beginners. Our friendly instructors will guide and ensure that you have a great climbing experience. 

There are 2 different programs which are designed to suit the needs of each individual.

The Taster Session works best for first-timers who would like to be guided to ensure a meaningful and safe first session.

The Bouldering Class is suitable for those keen to work on their skills and learn to climb better so that they can enjoy the sport even more. It's more fun to get to the top rather than struggle at the bottom ;)

Taster Session

  • Suitable for first-time climbers
  • Introduction to safety rules
  • Learn basic climbing movements
  • Climb under the supervision of experienced and friendly instructor
  • Enjoy a fun and positive climbing experience
  • Entry fee and equipment rental included
  • Class ratio of 1:6

Bouldering Class

  • Suitable for climbers with little or no experience
  • Learn foundational climbing techniques 
  • Gain confidence scaling up the rock walls
  • Learn from our friendly and experienced coaches
  • Reach the top of the wall using minimal strength
  • Gain tips on how to make progress towards your climbing goals
  • Entry fee and equipment rental included
  • Class ratio of 1:5

Taster Session Registration

Adult Bouldering Class Registration

*Please note that filling in the registration does not guarantee a spot in the class. We will reach out to you for confirmation.