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If you have a Multipass or Season Pass, click Use Multipass / Season Pass button and enter your email address to use your passes. 

For first time visitor, please fill in the registration form before heading to BFF Climb.

Boulder Zone

Suitable for young athletes or 13 years old and above 


- For Multipass holders booking for others, please book with the Name, Mobile Number, and email of the Multipass Holder and send the confirmation email to the attendees for verification purposes.

- DO NOT pass your package code to your friends to prevent errors.

- Season Pass holders may book only 1 session per day. 

Ticket INformation : 

- Single entry tickets are non-refundable. Please reschedule instead of cancelling. 

- Cancellation (multipass/season pass) or rescheduling can only be done at least 12 hours in advance via the cancellation/reschedule link found in the confirmation email.  

- Do note that every cancellation/reschedule only cancels/reschedule one pax.

- To cancel/reschedule for multiple pax, please cancel/reschedule multiple times. 

- Strictly no reschedule/cancellation request via email. 

If you need help with booking, get in touch with us



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