The most fun place to climb

BFF Climb

Enjoy climbing in a chill, comfortable, and colourful gym that's friendly to beginners and advanced climbers.

BFF Climb

With BFF Climb, you'll be able to get started in climbing with proper guidance and feel safe and at ease

Beginner friendly

Lots of climbs for beginners.

No experience needed

weekly Route setting
Our walls are refreshed weekly so there's always something new to try

Friendly staff
Our staff are exceptionally friendly. In fact, we called them Buddies.

Safe and comfortable
All safety aspects are taken care of. Everything you need is available.

Fun way to workout
Get in shape while having fun

Gradual Progression
Our climbs progress gradually so you don't get a big shock when you progress

Beginner friendly

We intentionally catered for climbers who are just starting or have never climbed before. The needs of someone just starting out is different and we ensured that it will be easy to get started with BFF Climb.


A key part of climbing is the wall and the types of climbing holds that are used. We bring in holds from all over the world. That allows our route setters to set really unique and fun routes for you to climb on


We provide a wide range of routes for climbers of all abilities, skills, and experience. At the same time we created climbs that requires different types movement to work every aspect of your body. Not just your arms.

Training Board

Our Moon Board and Kilter Board provide unlimited number of routes on the wall.

Climbzone Operating HOURS


Mon - Sun: 9.30am - 10.45pm

Tampines (yoha)

Mon - Sun (except Thurs): 9.30am - 10.45pm

Thurs: 5pm - 10.45pm

Tampines (OTH)

Mon - Sun: 9.30am - 10.45pm

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