International Women's Day

First time visitors, please fill in the registration form before heading to BFF Climb.


Is this really for Women only

Can I not participate in the games or workshop?

How can I enjoy the early bird prices?

How will I know if my registration is successful?

Am I allowed to transfer my slot to another party?

Can I get a fee refund if I choose to withdraw from the competition?

Can I make any changes to my particulars after submitting my registration?

Will a competition shirt be provided?

Is it compulsory to wear the competition shirt during the competition?

Is there an age restriction for joining the Team category?

Can intermediate/open climbers join the team event?

Do i need to have a member of the opposite gender in my team?

Would it be possible to rent climbing shoes during the event?

After the event, Where can i see the results?

Where can I find the competition schedule and detailing?

Play Zone

Play Zone is designed for children and family with little or no climbing experience. There are 2 different programs to choose from: Kids Guided Session and Free-to-Explore.

Adults can either join in the fun at Free-to-Explore session or drop off children that are 4 years old and above. Kids Guided Session is a drop off program for children between 4-16 years old.


- Masks must be worn at all times regardless of age.

- Strictly only paid entries allowed in Play Zone, regardless of age.

- Children 4 years old and above may be dropped off without adult supervision.

- Children 3 years old and below must be accompanied by a paying adult (Free-to-Explore only).
- Each adult may accompany up to two children aged 3 years old and below.  
- To make booking for more than 1 climber, please change the number of climbers.

- Pls bring a pair of socks each to be used with the rental shoes

Ticket information :

- Tickets are non-refundable.

- Reschedule has to be done at least 48h prior to the session.
- Rescheduling can only be done via call / WhatsApp. 

- Rescheduling Request via email / website contact form would not be processed.
- Rescheduled date must not be later than 1 month from the original date.
- Each session may only be rescheduled once.

- All entry requires a ticket (regardless of age).