Climbing Class

climbing Class

for kids

Does your child loves climbing?

Pick up climbing techniques and skills through our climbing classes that are progressive and designed for kids. Develop their ability to focus and build confidence in structured and engaging class.

Our coaches are experienced in guiding and coaching young children. They have helped children with different abilities and age. From first time climbers to young athletes preparing for competition, you can be sure that your kids are in good hands with our coaches. 

Why Join Us?

  • Kids of all age love to climb
  • Our coaches are specifically trained to teach kids
  • Our facilities are suitable for children
  • Great for physical and mental development 
  • Let your child take a break from screens and pick up a new sport
  • Expend some of those restless energy in a positive way.
  • Learning essential soft skills that stays for life.
  • Small class size

Class Fees

Trial Class

Trying out for the first time



  • To try out for the first time
  • 60 minutes class

1 to 1 lesson




  • 4 lessons a month
  • 60 minutes class
  • One time Registration fee of $50

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