New Booking System

We are upgrading our booking system to serve you better. With the new system, it will allow you to see all your past and future booking in 1 place. You can also check on all your passes expiry date and availability easily without entering any codes. 

How to use


Using the system for the first time, you would need to register for an account. Click the Join Now button to register.

Even if you had previously registered on our old system, you would need to register again. 

For those with an existing Multipass or Season Pass, your passes would be migrated automatically and you would be prompted to reset your password. After which, just fill up your profile and you're good to go!

If you had registered an account when purchasing the presale pass, you can use the same login details.

Click "Create free account" or buy passes for your bookings. 


To make your booking:

Step 1: Select the Facility Tab

Step 1a: Select the facility/program (Boulderzone, Free to explore, Guided Session)

Step 1b: Select Date/Time and click Book Now

Step 2: Select the number of slots to book

Step 3: Select the passes to use. If you do not have existing pass, you will be prompted to pay for `entry passes online. 

Step 1: Select Facility tab, Select the right facility/program, Select date/time

Step 2: Select number of slots to book

Step 3: Select type of passes to use existing pass. 

Using Multipass / Season Pass

If you have an existing Multipass or Season Pass, your passes would be migrated automatically. However, for the first few days your passes might not be reflected correctly as we sync up from the old to new system. So, you might see that there are passes that were used but yet to be deducted. 

To use your multipass or season pass, make sure to login to your account before making your booking. If you are booking for a friend and you are not going to be present, simply make a booking under your name and your friend may inform the counter that he/she has a booking under your name.