Rhino Hand and Body Wash


Specially designed for cleaning up your tired and sweaty body. Rhino castile soap is great after a long day of rock climbing or before going to the pub after sending a route.

All natural plant based castile hand and body wash. Rich aloe boosted lather works just as well in the hair as it does on the body. Does your face need cleaning after a long day rock climbing in the mountains? Yeah it does that too.

The plant based ingredients not only work and feel incredible on your body but in true outdoor enthusiast fashion it works double duty. Wash the dirtiest of dishes clean and easy with our castile soap.

Mint Uplift: Packed with refreshing, cooling and soothing essential oils mint uplift is the perfect wash to wake you up in the mooning or cool and soothe after a long hard day training or playing in the mountains. Mint, rosemary and lavender make the base of this herbal mint mixture invigorating and refreshing. Treat your mind and body to Rhino wash.

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