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I GYM TO EAT MORE partner with ESTA ESTA Research & Pilot Production Plant ESTA’s first research & pilot production facility is well equipped to support work in various domains including chemical production, material engineering, microbiology and mammalian tissue culture. Our R&D team is led by Dr. Lim Kai Yang, our Chief Scientific Officer (Ph.D in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering).

Active Ingredient: ULTRABactech ULTRABactech is a plant based antimicrobial agent that is sustainably derived from botanical sources to help you stay protected and refreshed wherever you go. Being a naturally derived antimicrobial, ULTRABactech is gentle for you and your loved ones, yet potent against germs and viruses.

Product Efficacy: 1. [Rapid Action] – 99.99% effective against microbes within seconds The efficacy of ESTA Hand Sanitisers have been proven with result from extensive tests with internationally accredited labs under ASTM-E2315, EN1500 and EN14476 standards.
2. [Lasting Protection] – Lab-tested to have continuous protection for up to 24 hours upon application.
3. [Non-toxic] – Specially formulated with non-toxic ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals.
4. [Gentle & Moisturising] – With a pH level of 6.29 and more than 20% natural aloe vera, ESTA Hand Sanitiser moisturises your hands while keeping you protected. Suitable for regular use.
5. [Refreshing] – Zesty Citrus scent keeps you refreshed and invigorated through your day.
6. [Volume] – 20 ML each piece.

Directions: – Usage Hold cap and shake well before use. – Spray sufficient solution onto palms and rub thoroughly to spread evenly. – Enjoy being protected for up to 24 hours and smoother hands.

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