BFF Youth Team

Take your climbing one step further

Reach the heights that you are meant to achieve

Training alone or aimlessly without a plan?

The difference between winning medals and being average is the support team behind them. The coaching team and training peers can make all the difference.  

BFF Climb is recruiting for the Youth Team to groom the next generation of top climbers. Come for the trial and selected individual will receive the best training and support available. 

Mohd Irwan

Head Coach (Youth Team)

  • 11 Years of coaching experience
  • Champion of S.E. Asia Climbing Circuit 2005
  • Competed in the IFSC World Cup
  • Groom championship school teams
  • Helped new climbers promote to Open within 2 years

Winson Teo

Program Director

  • 18 Years of climbing experience
  • Specialises in coaching youth and young children
  • Coaching since 2011
  • Frequent finalist in local competitions during competitive years


Why Join Us?

  • Learn from coaches who have competed at the highest level
  • A team of experienced coaches with an array of skillsets
  • Dedicated program that is designed for youth
  • Train with like-minded peers who will challenge you to better yourself

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